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Obama/ Democrat incumbents and candidates speak big lies like Communist propaganda ...

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- Stop the Obama/California Democrat 
Governor Jerry Brown/ National Democrat 
Party Culture of Corruption ! -

Never believe them, because their only goal
is to take more and more money from you
when they get elected by their campaign and
tool of  deceit they even use after they get
elected for the purpose of staying in office to
take even more money from you.

To stay even longer in office, they use the
money they take from you to give it away to others
for votes from those they give your money to.

And the cycle goes on and on. Then they create
horrible debt by spending on a credit card, and
then they raise your taxes to make you pay for
that horrible debt.

That takes even more money from your
paycheck and bank account to where you cannot
afford the things you need and want for a quality
life. It takes from your ability to save for your
retirement also.

Democrats are destroying the quality of life for
all Americans by making you pay for everything for
illegal aliens who the Democrats want to make into
voters so they can get elected and take more money
from you. The Democrats do all of this also to get
votes from citizen Hispanic who want their illegal
alien relatives here so for the government money;
this so the citizen can get that money benefit from
the illegal alien. Billions and billions of dollars taken
from you and given to them.

This is why the elected Democrats and candidates
don't want to deport illegal aliens: For their own corrupt
place in office so they can get a HIGH salary, perks and
prestige of position at your expense.

The Democrats and their left wing communist type
propaganda machines such as the Los Angeles Times
like to call illegal aliens 'undocumented workers' as a ploy
do make illegal alienism 'acceptable', when in fact it is
against the law. It is illegal to work  in the U.S.unless one
is a U.S. citizen, a legal resident, or in the U.S. with a work
permit visa. You can stop their Democrat culture of

They continue speaking falsehood propaganda to the public
by calling Republicans racist, and telling the big lie that
Republicans only care about the rich. They do this in public
because they don't like the fact that Conservatives/Republicans/
the Tea Party are trying to protect Americans by opposing this
Communist type Democrat culture of corruption. Democrats
and their left wing deceiver Democrat bias media say these
propaganda falsehoods so they can try to continue to keep
their power of elected office through this corruption.

You can stop the Democrat Party Culture of Corruption
by not voting for Democrats on every level in every state.
It must be stopped. tell your friend and family. Share this
post on Facebook, iphone, and e-mail. Print it as fliers
and hand it out at Colleges, churches, and grocery stores.




Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Grasshopper says ... You see ! Americans began to wake up and threw out the deceiver Democrat majority from the U.S. Senate on election day Nov. 4, 2014 ...

Grasshopper says ... You see ! Please share 
this. Americans began to wake up and threw 
out the deceiver Democrat majority from the 
U.S. Senate on election day Nov. 4, 2014 ...

You need to vote even MORE of them out 
in 2016 ! 

California Democrat Governor Jerry Brown 
is the leader of the California Democrat 
legislature deceivers ( California Assembly/
Senate Democrats). He would steal your 
rickshaw and drive it home himself and 
park it in his driveway if he could drive a 
rickshaw! ( figuratively speaking, through 
higher and higher taxes and fees to pay for 
his high speed rail that nobody wants, and 
also for his illegal aliens !)

Young people and all, this is a BIG lesson for 
you. Elected Democrats are destroying your 
paycheck by approving and helping illegal aliens 
invade America and take too much taxes from 
your paycheck. This is why you cannot buy what 
you need and why you cannot save any money in 
the bank ! This is why you cannot save for a new 
car and retirement. This is why college tuition 
is going up. It's going to millions of illegal 
aliens in the form of horrendous amounts of 
freebies given to them by elected corrupt 
Democrats that they make you pay for in the 
form of HIGHER and HIGHER FEES and 
TAXES imposed on you by them.

Here is how the Evil California Democrat 
legislature candidates and incumbents (currently
in office) and U.S. Congress Democrat candidates and incumbents operate with propaganda lies and 
your money:

1) They lie about Republicans to get elected.

2) Once they get elected, they raise higher 
payroll taxes on you in many different forms 
and ways, also the form of higher fees on 
anything they can think of imposing on you, 
including higher and higher car registration 
fees and higher college tuition increases.

3) For votes the Democrats then away your 
money to illegal aliens who's U.S. citizen 
relatives they live with. Those citizens therefore 
benefit from the illegal alien relative staying here 
in the U.S.. Those U.S. citizen relatives of illegals 
then vote Democrat for that reason.

Illegal aliens are well known to come across 
the border to have their baby so that their 
baby automatically becomes a 'Jackpot Baby'.
One Hispanic librarian in Los Angeles County 
told me she knew an illegal alien who was going 
to have a baby so she can get money from the 
government. The baby becomes a U.S. citizen 
from the perverted twisted liberal law that says
any foreign woman's baby born in the U.S. 
automatically becomes a U.S. citizen. BUT 
the liberal/ Democrat judge who ruled this was 
deceiving everyone. How? Because the judge 
said the 14 th amendment allows it, but it does
not. The 14 th amendment was created to 
guarantee freed slaves their rights after the 
civil war, not to give foreigners babies born 
in the U.S. automatic citizenship if the Non- 
citizen foreigner mother has the baby in the 
U.S.. This is crazy ! No sane, wise, and right 
nation would do this. It is suicide; like riding in 
a runaway rickshaw pulled by 20 Clydesdale
horses on LSD !

Do not believe Obama's liars of the Democrat
aparatick and their advocates of the propaganda 
mainstream Democrat bias media. The media 
hold back the truth about these monsters to 
try to help them get elected.

4) So the cycle goes on  and on until you 
become aware and vote the corrupt Evil 
Godless Democrat out of office, and replace 
them with honorable men of virtue - Republicans - 
Conservatives who will not do the above perpetual, 
corrupt, and deviant antics, but will stop it and 
protect your paycheck, safety, and future.

Democrat candidates and incumbents in the 
California State legislature create many other 
corrupt, stupid, immoral, wrong headed, self 
serving, crazy legislation which hurt our quality 
of life, including jeopardizing our safety. They 
truly are stupid, wicked, and unworthy of you. 
They lie like communists to get what they 
want : To get elected so they can take advantage 
and steal from your paycheck. They are lost in 
darkness and sin, and are not real Christians if 
they say they are.

They engage in their culture of corruption, tell 
big lies in the news, drink wine, and eat at expensive 
restaurants with your taxpayer paid big salary. 
In 2014, one was even was caught gun running ! 
Another, Mr. Ron Calderon, was recently arraigned 
on corruption charges. 


                                                                   Jan. 28, 2015

Monday, January 7, 2013

Help Stop it ! Epic Ruination coming to America in 2013 -2014 and beyond ....

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Help Stop it !
Epic Ruination coming to America in
2013 -2014 and beyond...
Devastation coming To The American
Way of Life, to ALL Americans, your
Paycheck, Your Job ( The Obama Health
Care Bill Is and Will Cause Massive Unemployment ), High Price Increases On Everything ( Food , Utility Bills, College
Tuition Goods and General Services, Clothes,House Payments, Cars, Car
Registration, Eating Out At Restaurants,
Health Care and MORE ! ), High Taxes, Destruction of Your Medi-care ( Higher Cost
And Less Care ) ...
Devastation coming to your quality 

way of life unless the Obama health care 
Bill Is Stopped ... SEE, Click -

SEE Also -

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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Obama health care bill to have epic , disastrous effects on the American way of life ...

To all American citizens - Please get active now in the grassroots effort against the Obama health care bill in 2013 - 2014, start a group, call, e-mail, FB friends to get involved nation wide .....
Please read :

 The Obama health care bill to have epic , disastrous effects on the American way of life ...
Oppose it - ... To cause massive unemployment, high price increases on everything : On Food, Health care general goods and services, will result in health care rationing,unreasonably long waits at doctor's office, for surgery to ALL Americans, ... Per Congressman Ed Royce : Will cause destruction of medical research and development will force 75% of all Americans onto government health care, significant reduction in the life expectancy of all Americans, ( Source : Congressman Ed Royce, Calif. Republican Assembly grassroots meeting July 2010 ) ... Will take away your employer provided health care insurance ( Source : Yahoo news, one week before the Nov. 2010 Congressional election ), Is and will dramatically increase health care premium costs ( Source : Independent , Non - Partisan Congressional Office, 2010, Yahoo news ), Will cause an exorbitant number of companies who employ Americans to leave the U.S. ands set up in Hong Kong and other countries because they cannot pay Obama health care bill taxes for health care insurance payment forced upon them illegally, causing massive unemployment, job loss in the U.S.. ( Source : Re- elected in 2012, Minnesota Congress woman and business woman )

See >

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Commentary by Grasshopper- Starting on 5/10/1 for the 2012 campaign,Obama pushing for 20 million illegal aliens amnesty... Don't Vote 4 Obama 2012

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When the liberal
bias media and
the Democrat
party created
the cocoon
of candidate
Barack Obama,
what emerged
was not
a butterfly,
but a wolf in

Hear here :
Video audio from
the 2008 campaign
Obama derides,
falsley labels
small town and
mid - western
folks, says
they are
biitter and they
" ... cling to their guns
and religion ...
have an
anti -pathy
those that are
different "
and falsley
states "... are
anti - immigrant ..."
Click here to hear :
Click -

"Everything this
President does is
by slight of
hand ( trickery ) ."
- 2010 Quote from
former Speaker
of the U.S. House
of Representatives
Newt Gingrich

On Tuesday 5/10/11,
Obama called for
amnesty for millions
of illegal aliens.
Common sense
tells us that one
reason he did
so was to crank -
start the
engine of campaign
from illegal alien
groups and
for his run for
President in 2012.

It is very doubtful
he will win, but
will lose based
on the poor economy,
the majority of
American opposed
to Obama amnesty
for illegal aliens
and Americans
waking up to his

Talk host Rush Limbaugh
said during the 2008
that Obama is
incompetent to
be President. He
certainly has
proven this out.

Is it American
values for such
a candidate as
Obama to
promote :

abortion, and
amnesty of 20
million illegal
aliens, giving them
American jobs in
an economic
crisis, thus
Americans to
pay taxpayer
paid social
benefits for
them, in
addition to
keeping Americans
unemployed ?

Does candidate
Obama not give
credit for
the average
American to
be able to
realize the
obvious ? That
if the 20 million
illegal aliens
illegals in the USA
were given
amnesty, they
would leave
the underground
and take
higher paying
LEGAL jobs that
Americans would
otherwise get ?
This would
happen if Obama
succeeds in
giving amnesty
to 20 million
illegal aliens,
that is, to those
who broke the
law to jump
ahead of those
who applied
legally for
legal status and
are awaiting
in their country
for approval .

One can clearly
see that Obama,
Democrats, liberals,
and the liberal bias
media do not engage
in honest presentation
and debate on this issue
so as to show and
make know the
very big downside
to amnesty. They are
by not telling how
it would hurt
America. Why ?
Because they get
contributions from
pro - illegal alien
amnesty groups
and individuals
for promoting
amnesty in public
speeches and media.
Why ? Because
they truly do
not care about you,
the American and how
amnesty would greatly
hurt education, social
security quality
of health care, cause
higher taxes; neglect
the infrastructure, hurt the
unemployed, the
middle class, students,
senior citizens,
disabled, the working
class, and all Americans.

You, the
people, can
change this by
rejecting Obama
and his
by not voing for
him nor for
Democrats for
U.S. Congress
( House and
Senate ) in 2012.
Save your
country, paycheck,
and quality of life !
Stop them from
destroying your
livelihood and
country by not
giving them
your vote !

Mr. Obama 's
real motive for
pushing amnesty
May 10, 2010
at the beginning of
the 2012 Presidential
election cycle
is to woo
hispanic voters
to vote for
him in 2012, to
make those millions
of illegal aliens into
Democrat voters.

Don't be fooled !
To achieve their
goals, Obama,
his fellow liberal
Democrats, and
their liberal bias
media regularly
attempt to paint
others in a false light
for political gain
( to get elected ).

This is a trademark
of Obama, his fellow
liberals, democrats,
and the liberal
bias media
who attempt to
falsely make
and Tea Party
appear to be
' uncaring '
because they oppose
amnesty for the
stated above.
The worse false
accusation they
make is of
' racism ' for
not going along
with their
Mr. Obama
and his
proteges never
speak out
against such
deviant methods
of false
accusation by
illegal alien
but they rather
seem to approve
and delight in it.
After all , we can
recall the saying
" Silence implies

The amnesty
proposition is
and a wrong against
the voting rights of
Americans. Those
who deal this card
never play with
a fair hand, but
always play with
slight of hand, which
means ' Trickery.'
One will notice with
annoying clarity :
They never propose
to stop illegal
alienism. Is it that
they want to use
deviant political
to play class warfare
to ' Brown America ' ?
Remeber Obama said
in 2001 : " The Founding
Fathers and Warren court
did not go far enough in the
redistribution of wealth."

He also stated : That
blacks today have been
put behind by slavery
and that needs to be

Mr. Obama's ideology
is motivated by
race, while America
on the whole has
progressed beyond
what Obama and his
fellow race card
motivated people.

America believesthat
one's color does
not matter, we are all
valuable in God's sight.

Americans accept
their fellow citizen
and neighbor
regardless of race,
ethnicity, and color
and in fact celebrate
each other with
brotherhood and
warm neighborliness.

Color blindness has
long ago taken
root in America ,
and racism is always
overblown and
by elected and candidate
Obamanite Democrat
liberals because
doing so gives
them a sort
of ' cash cow '
and excuse
of scapegoating
to milk from.

They do this to
improperly gain
power. In fact
Jesse Jackson's
wife said in the
mid 90's that
Jesese Jackson
is always trying
to go back to the
days of the civil
rights movement
to get a sense of
purpose as it
were. Well,
wake up
Mr. Jackson.
We have come a
long way since !

But these questions
must be asked because
it is always Obama/
Democrats/ liberals and
the liberal bias media
who always play
the race card, even
though it is the
Republican Tea Party
Conservative who
does not see race, but
welcomes with open
and loving arms all
people of all races into
it's fold. Hear the
wisdom and love of
Grasshopper !

No proper thinking
American should
accept the Obama,
Democrat, liberal
ideology and position of
illegal alienism and
amnesty, nor stand
for such an afront to
sound philosophy !

Every good
American in his
heart knows these
immoral, unprincipled
ways are unacceptable
for the foundation
of the heartland
of American, for
every good
knows that
morality is the
and life giver of
goodness, which
is wisdom
sent from God

Trust Grasshopper, for
Grasshopper would not
speak such if it were
not true. But those
reading this are now
aware, informed, and
should pass this blog of
wisdom on to his
countrymen. In
doing so, you will help
good fortune along by
helping persuade your
countrymen ( and
women ) to vote
correctly in the
November 2012
( 2014 ) election.

Commentary by
Grasshopper - Starting
on 5/10/1 for the 2012
campaign, Obama
pushing for 20 million
illegal aliens amnesty ...
Don't Vote 4 Obama
nor Democrats for
U.S Congress
( House and Senate )
2012 ...

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Grasshopper says .... Young people voted for Obama's " 1,0001 carts of cow dung ... "

See and share -

He who voted for Mr. Obama and helped him win
in 2012 were very ignorant and mistaken ...

After the Nov. 6, 2012 Presidential and congressional
election, it is said by many that young people in America
put Obama back in the presidency.

When they get out of college, they will soon see that
Mr. Obama's repeated mantra during the campaign that
he " ... needed more time to fix the economy .." and
" We don't want to return to the policies that got us here
 in the first place", were nothing more than obamanuscha
propaganda false hoods, falsely blaming former
President Bush for the bad economy's high unemployment.

This was nothing more than 1,0001 carts of cow dung,
As you can and will see by looking at the evidence,
Mr. Obama did his best ( and has done so for four years )
to hide the fact  of the  Democrats causing  the financial crisis
which has led to the current high unemployment.

The  economy is continuing in high unemployment because of
Mr. Obama's policies. It will stay in high unemployment
until :

1) Enough people come to their senses and see the truth,

2) The Democrats are voted out, and

3) Obama  policy is removed, most importantly the Socialist
     - Marxist Obama health care bill that is destroying jobs
     resulting in high unemployment.
( Dung is the Bible word for manure.)

See how the Democrats actually were the ones who caused
 the 2007 - to the present - financial crisis in the first place.

PROOF - Google this :
Sept . 22. 2008
' How The Democrats Created The Financial Crisis '
Commentary by Kevin Hassett,

Also: Audio has been played on a variety of talk radio shows
showing Republicans in Congress in 2004 proposing measures
put forth by President Bush 11 times to prevent a future
financial crisis, but the audio show Democrats in Congress
blocked those measures that would have prevented it, therefore
casing the financial crisis once Pelosi gained the majority
Democrat House of Representatives in 2006.
This young people must learn.

Businesses refuse to hire because of coming unaffordable
Obama health care bill taxes which Mr. Obama wants to
impose on all Americans and American business to pay for
 others health care. This is Socialism - Marxism.
over 27 new taxes are in the bill to force Americans to
 pay for others health care

See how the bill is illegal by violating the law,
the U.S. constitution, and violates the rights of Americans by
forcing individuals and businesses to pay a fine if they don't
get health care.
( deviantly called a tax - Wrong !  It is an abuse
of power. )

Can the government say : All citizens buy this amount
of each of these vegetables per week or be fines a penalty
of  $300.00 at the end of each month ? NO !

The silly minded, inexperienced  young  people who voted
for Mr. Obama did so voting in a popularity contest, not on
substance. They will not be able to get jobs because of
Mr. Obama's incompetent and willful policies that do not

Their college tuition fees have gone up, and will continue
to go up, because of Mr. Obama and state elected Democrat
legislators and Governors such as Democrat Jerry Brown
and his majority Democrat Senate and Assembly legislators.
They are ruinous, arrogant and prideful failures. Their ways
don't work and it shows.

Mr. Obama's incompetent policy caused the economy to
stay the same even after four years of Obama. It will
continue the same .

This generation of younger voters must learn from it's
mistakes. They smoke much  marijuana, use the  ' F- word '
 every other sentence, and voted for Obama out of great
ignorance. The college age 18 year old and on must suffer
from their ever so avoidable  mistakes until they wake up.

Those same malleable minds of young, vulnerable
and immature voters living at home with their parents
until age 30 would think again if their parents kicked
them out of the house for voting for Mr. Obama.

Take a look. Note : I believe it's not lost after
having a good conversation I started about
Obama - Democrats with a young person I
met recently, probably in his early 20's.

Take a look at real findings. I am referring
to them by memory from real radio news
reports and a USA Today front page article
around 2008  :
 1) Article , USA Today, circa. 2008, Front page
headline article, Title went something like this:

' Epidemic of Narcissism among College age young
people in the U.S.' The article may have included the
fact that drinking is an epidemic among College
students, if it's not in that article it was another USA
Today article.

2) Report : Young people in the U.S. significantly
immature for their age, not maturing as in the past.

3) Remember the movie ' Failure to Launch ', which
came out in the early or mid 2000's ? In the early
2000's it was reported that college age young people
are living at home much longer ( not leaving their
parent's home ) until age 26 - 30's.

4) The Obama health care bill mandates that young
people can stay on their parents health care
insurance plan until age 26.

In mandating this, did not Mr. Obama and his
fellow creators and pushers of the Socialist Marxist
Obama health care bill not know, or did know about
the information above and research it and then take
advantage of it for votes AT YOUR FUTURE EXPENSE
and destruction of jobs and the greatest health care system
in the world . Of course !
On Mon. 4/5/10 , Sean Hannity panelist
and Harvard Professor David Kupelian
author of books - ' How Evil Works ' and ' The Marketing
of Evil ', said ... " Obama is a Socialist with Marxist tendencies."
On Hannity show Kupelian said:

"Obama is a Socialist with Marxist tendencies. "
Says Obama " is a socialist steeped in Marxist ideology
for the last 30 years" and was mentored by then
Communist Marshall Davis, ... to community organizing ...

Americans must get involved to show the ignorant in America
all of this. Peacefully hold banners, talk to the homes in the
communities of America, talk to others while standing in line
at the grocery store, sitting in the doctor's office, hold rallies and
meetings and invite your friends and neighbors. Hold banners and
hand out fliers at community Colleges and Universities. Hand
out fliers to your surrounding neighborhoods and grocery stores.
In addition, a World Net Daily article a month or so before the
Presidential election showed that the mainstream media
refused to examine Mr. Obama's Marxist associations.
Note: J.C. Watts appeared on Sean Hannity's radio
show on December 6, 2012 and stated that like a church
or business needs to reach out to people and develop
relationships with people in order to grow, the Republican
Party also needs to do this  with the demographic groups
of the country. Not to give in and surrender, but show
them Ronald Reagan principles of Conservatism.
Mr J.C. Watts said that they will accept these principles
if we reach out. I agree.
Sincerely, Grasshopper


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grasshopper says, follow the wisdom of ancient female trouble prevention, thus saving one's self much unecessary grief over many coming years ...

" Sin drains a man of his peace,
stregnth, and confidence."
- . J. Turner, Preacher,
Church of Christ Garden Grove Ca.

- Ancient Wisdom Of Female Trouble Prevention -

First of all, female trouble prevention
begins with one's self, the male. One

must ask : Who am I, where did I come
from, and where am I going ?

Become excellent, and then in his
time God will bring that special one
for you ! Respect the
opposite with decency.

Is it not the goal of men and women
to eventually have that one special
person for the rest of one's
life ?

- The single person without God -

There are plenty of fish in the sea, especially
when he can simply make thousands of female
friends on facebook simply by the click of the
mouse pad.

Become excellent; become the person inside
that God wants you to be by learning of Christ
and submitting to him. God will provide the
mate for you in his time. A man does not NEED a
woman, he only needs the creator FIRST.

Once a man becomes God's man by submitting
to his will, God provides his needs, contentment, peace,
and purpose. Only then is one ready to
have a truly
secure relationship with a woman.

If the male believes he is simply a glorified ape,
that is, a human that came by chance from a
cell which far into it's future became an ape and
then a human which has pleasure and then simly
dies and that's all, well, what is to prevent him from
acting like a callous animal ?

One may choose one road, but also another.
The key is choosing the proper road that leads
to harmony, peace, and joy with the
female gender. Choosing the improper leads
to despair, ruin, sexually trasmitted disease,
unwanted pregnancy and single parenthood caused
by wonton and selfish sexual pleasure without
thinking about the destructuive consequences.

Many men live for the sexual pleasure without
consideration of a woman's feelings.
God's word says, " ... fornicators
God will judge." Also, " The wages of sin are death."
and, " Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also
reap." One will reap in this life the wages of
unrepentant sin ( continuing to willfully sin ).
If he breaks hearts, his heart will eventually
be broken and he deserves it.

So how does one know the proper road ? By going on his
own and learning from years of making mistake after
mistake, or taking the advice of years of experience and
wisdom and thus avoiding unecessary despair and ruin ?
Listen to the wisdom and commandments of God the
Father and his Son Jesus Christ because they are right
and will save you from consequences of sin in this life
and he will give you eternal life.

God's word says, " For you oh' Lord will bless the
righteous, with favor you will surround him as with
a shield."

... and from first Thessalonians :

" In that day the Lord will come with his mighty
angels and with all whom have believed, taking fiery
vengeance on them that do not know God and that do
not obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall
suffer everlasting punishment from the presence of the Lord."

- The divorce rate in America, and where are
the real men in America ? -

Any wonder the divorce rate is so high in
America today, and rising? Note the
following viewpoint of AM 870 KRLA
radio talk host Roy Masters. It is this :

A great many of men are in prison today
because of how men reacted to women.
Because of the ' Women's Liberation Movement '
of the 70's, to a large degree today's American
woman seeks to take away God given authority
from the man in the relationship; the woman
engaging in competition for the man's place
and voice, seeking to stifle both.

In essence, the woman holds the man's
authority hostage, per say, for sex : " You can't
have sex unless you abdicate and give up to me.
Give into my way or it's the highway buddy on
the sex." The man gives in, becoming a whimp
in order to get his sex.

My note: Any wonder people say now and
then," Where are the men today ?