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Grasshopper says .... Young people voted for Obama's " 1,0001 carts of cow dung ... "

See and share -

He who voted for Mr. Obama and helped him win
in 2012 were very ignorant and mistaken ...

After the Nov. 6, 2012 Presidential and congressional
election, it is said by many that young people in America
put Obama back in the presidency.

When they get out of college, they will soon see that
Mr. Obama's repeated mantra during the campaign that
he " ... needed more time to fix the economy .." and
" We don't want to return to the policies that got us here
 in the first place", were nothing more than obamanuscha
propaganda false hoods, falsely blaming former
President Bush for the bad economy's high unemployment.

This was nothing more than 1,0001 carts of cow dung,
As you can and will see by looking at the evidence,
Mr. Obama did his best ( and has done so for four years )
to hide the fact  of the  Democrats causing  the financial crisis
which has led to the current high unemployment.

The  economy is continuing in high unemployment because of
Mr. Obama's policies. It will stay in high unemployment
until :

1) Enough people come to their senses and see the truth,

2) The Democrats are voted out, and

3) Obama  policy is removed, most importantly the Socialist
     - Marxist Obama health care bill that is destroying jobs
     resulting in high unemployment.
( Dung is the Bible word for manure.)

See how the Democrats actually were the ones who caused
 the 2007 - to the present - financial crisis in the first place.

PROOF - Google this :
Sept . 22. 2008
' How The Democrats Created The Financial Crisis '
Commentary by Kevin Hassett,

Also: Audio has been played on a variety of talk radio shows
showing Republicans in Congress in 2004 proposing measures
put forth by President Bush 11 times to prevent a future
financial crisis, but the audio show Democrats in Congress
blocked those measures that would have prevented it, therefore
casing the financial crisis once Pelosi gained the majority
Democrat House of Representatives in 2006.
This young people must learn.

Businesses refuse to hire because of coming unaffordable
Obama health care bill taxes which Mr. Obama wants to
impose on all Americans and American business to pay for
 others health care. This is Socialism - Marxism.
over 27 new taxes are in the bill to force Americans to
 pay for others health care

See how the bill is illegal by violating the law,
the U.S. constitution, and violates the rights of Americans by
forcing individuals and businesses to pay a fine if they don't
get health care.
( deviantly called a tax - Wrong !  It is an abuse
of power. )

Can the government say : All citizens buy this amount
of each of these vegetables per week or be fines a penalty
of  $300.00 at the end of each month ? NO !

The silly minded, inexperienced  young  people who voted
for Mr. Obama did so voting in a popularity contest, not on
substance. They will not be able to get jobs because of
Mr. Obama's incompetent and willful policies that do not

Their college tuition fees have gone up, and will continue
to go up, because of Mr. Obama and state elected Democrat
legislators and Governors such as Democrat Jerry Brown
and his majority Democrat Senate and Assembly legislators.
They are ruinous, arrogant and prideful failures. Their ways
don't work and it shows.

Mr. Obama's incompetent policy caused the economy to
stay the same even after four years of Obama. It will
continue the same .

This generation of younger voters must learn from it's
mistakes. They smoke much  marijuana, use the  ' F- word '
 every other sentence, and voted for Obama out of great
ignorance. The college age 18 year old and on must suffer
from their ever so avoidable  mistakes until they wake up.

Those same malleable minds of young, vulnerable
and immature voters living at home with their parents
until age 30 would think again if their parents kicked
them out of the house for voting for Mr. Obama.

Take a look. Note : I believe it's not lost after
having a good conversation I started about
Obama - Democrats with a young person I
met recently, probably in his early 20's.

Take a look at real findings. I am referring
to them by memory from real radio news
reports and a USA Today front page article
around 2008  :
 1) Article , USA Today, circa. 2008, Front page
headline article, Title went something like this:

' Epidemic of Narcissism among College age young
people in the U.S.' The article may have included the
fact that drinking is an epidemic among College
students, if it's not in that article it was another USA
Today article.

2) Report : Young people in the U.S. significantly
immature for their age, not maturing as in the past.

3) Remember the movie ' Failure to Launch ', which
came out in the early or mid 2000's ? In the early
2000's it was reported that college age young people
are living at home much longer ( not leaving their
parent's home ) until age 26 - 30's.

4) The Obama health care bill mandates that young
people can stay on their parents health care
insurance plan until age 26.

In mandating this, did not Mr. Obama and his
fellow creators and pushers of the Socialist Marxist
Obama health care bill not know, or did know about
the information above and research it and then take
advantage of it for votes AT YOUR FUTURE EXPENSE
and destruction of jobs and the greatest health care system
in the world . Of course !
On Mon. 4/5/10 , Sean Hannity panelist
and Harvard Professor David Kupelian
author of books - ' How Evil Works ' and ' The Marketing
of Evil ', said ... " Obama is a Socialist with Marxist tendencies."
On Hannity show Kupelian said:

"Obama is a Socialist with Marxist tendencies. "
Says Obama " is a socialist steeped in Marxist ideology
for the last 30 years" and was mentored by then
Communist Marshall Davis, ... to community organizing ...

Americans must get involved to show the ignorant in America
all of this. Peacefully hold banners, talk to the homes in the
communities of America, talk to others while standing in line
at the grocery store, sitting in the doctor's office, hold rallies and
meetings and invite your friends and neighbors. Hold banners and
hand out fliers at community Colleges and Universities. Hand
out fliers to your surrounding neighborhoods and grocery stores.
In addition, a World Net Daily article a month or so before the
Presidential election showed that the mainstream media
refused to examine Mr. Obama's Marxist associations.
Note: J.C. Watts appeared on Sean Hannity's radio
show on December 6, 2012 and stated that like a church
or business needs to reach out to people and develop
relationships with people in order to grow, the Republican
Party also needs to do this  with the demographic groups
of the country. Not to give in and surrender, but show
them Ronald Reagan principles of Conservatism.
Mr J.C. Watts said that they will accept these principles
if we reach out. I agree.
Sincerely, Grasshopper


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