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Commentary by Grasshopper- Starting on 5/10/1 for the 2012 campaign,Obama pushing for 20 million illegal aliens amnesty... Don't Vote 4 Obama 2012

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When the liberal
bias media and
the Democrat
party created
the cocoon
of candidate
Barack Obama,
what emerged
was not
a butterfly,
but a wolf in

Hear here :
Video audio from
the 2008 campaign
Obama derides,
falsley labels
small town and
mid - western
folks, says
they are
biitter and they
" ... cling to their guns
and religion ...
have an
anti -pathy
those that are
different "
and falsley
states "... are
anti - immigrant ..."
Click here to hear :
Click - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTxXUufI3jA

"Everything this
President does is
by slight of
hand ( trickery ) ."
- 2010 Quote from
former Speaker
of the U.S. House
of Representatives
Newt Gingrich

On Tuesday 5/10/11,
Obama called for
amnesty for millions
of illegal aliens.
Common sense
tells us that one
reason he did
so was to crank -
start the
engine of campaign
from illegal alien
groups and
for his run for
President in 2012.

It is very doubtful
he will win, but
will lose based
on the poor economy,
the majority of
American opposed
to Obama amnesty
for illegal aliens
and Americans
waking up to his

Talk host Rush Limbaugh
said during the 2008
that Obama is
incompetent to
be President. He
certainly has
proven this out.

Is it American
values for such
a candidate as
Obama to
promote :

abortion, and
amnesty of 20
million illegal
aliens, giving them
American jobs in
an economic
crisis, thus
Americans to
pay taxpayer
paid social
benefits for
them, in
addition to
keeping Americans
unemployed ?

Does candidate
Obama not give
credit for
the average
American to
be able to
realize the
obvious ? That
if the 20 million
illegal aliens
illegals in the USA
were given
amnesty, they
would leave
the underground
and take
higher paying
LEGAL jobs that
Americans would
otherwise get ?
This would
happen if Obama
succeeds in
giving amnesty
to 20 million
illegal aliens,
that is, to those
who broke the
law to jump
ahead of those
who applied
legally for
legal status and
are awaiting
in their country
for approval .

One can clearly
see that Obama,
Democrats, liberals,
and the liberal bias
media do not engage
in honest presentation
and debate on this issue
so as to show and
make know the
very big downside
to amnesty. They are
by not telling how
it would hurt
America. Why ?
Because they get
contributions from
pro - illegal alien
amnesty groups
and individuals
for promoting
amnesty in public
speeches and media.
Why ? Because
they truly do
not care about you,
the American and how
amnesty would greatly
hurt education, social
security quality
of health care, cause
higher taxes; neglect
the infrastructure, hurt the
unemployed, the
middle class, students,
senior citizens,
disabled, the working
class, and all Americans.

You, the
people, can
change this by
rejecting Obama
and his
by not voing for
him nor for
Democrats for
U.S. Congress
( House and
Senate ) in 2012.
Save your
country, paycheck,
and quality of life !
Stop them from
destroying your
livelihood and
country by not
giving them
your vote !

Mr. Obama 's
real motive for
pushing amnesty
May 10, 2010
at the beginning of
the 2012 Presidential
election cycle
is to woo
hispanic voters
to vote for
him in 2012, to
make those millions
of illegal aliens into
Democrat voters.

Don't be fooled !
To achieve their
goals, Obama,
his fellow liberal
Democrats, and
their liberal bias
media regularly
attempt to paint
others in a false light
for political gain
( to get elected ).

This is a trademark
of Obama, his fellow
liberals, democrats,
and the liberal
bias media
who attempt to
falsely make
and Tea Party
appear to be
' uncaring '
because they oppose
amnesty for the
stated above.
The worse false
accusation they
make is of
' racism ' for
not going along
with their
Mr. Obama
and his
proteges never
speak out
against such
deviant methods
of false
accusation by
illegal alien
but they rather
seem to approve
and delight in it.
After all , we can
recall the saying
" Silence implies

The amnesty
proposition is
and a wrong against
the voting rights of
Americans. Those
who deal this card
never play with
a fair hand, but
always play with
slight of hand, which
means ' Trickery.'
One will notice with
annoying clarity :
They never propose
to stop illegal
alienism. Is it that
they want to use
deviant political
to play class warfare
to ' Brown America ' ?
Remeber Obama said
in 2001 : " The Founding
Fathers and Warren court
did not go far enough in the
redistribution of wealth."

He also stated : That
blacks today have been
put behind by slavery
and that needs to be

Mr. Obama's ideology
is motivated by
race, while America
on the whole has
progressed beyond
what Obama and his
fellow race card
motivated people.

America believesthat
one's color does
not matter, we are all
valuable in God's sight.

Americans accept
their fellow citizen
and neighbor
regardless of race,
ethnicity, and color
and in fact celebrate
each other with
brotherhood and
warm neighborliness.

Color blindness has
long ago taken
root in America ,
and racism is always
overblown and
by elected and candidate
Obamanite Democrat
liberals because
doing so gives
them a sort
of ' cash cow '
and excuse
of scapegoating
to milk from.

They do this to
improperly gain
power. In fact
Jesse Jackson's
wife said in the
mid 90's that
Jesese Jackson
is always trying
to go back to the
days of the civil
rights movement
to get a sense of
purpose as it
were. Well,
wake up
Mr. Jackson.
We have come a
long way since !

But these questions
must be asked because
it is always Obama/
Democrats/ liberals and
the liberal bias media
who always play
the race card, even
though it is the
Republican Tea Party
Conservative who
does not see race, but
welcomes with open
and loving arms all
people of all races into
it's fold. Hear the
wisdom and love of
Grasshopper !

No proper thinking
American should
accept the Obama,
Democrat, liberal
ideology and position of
illegal alienism and
amnesty, nor stand
for such an afront to
sound philosophy !

Every good
American in his
heart knows these
immoral, unprincipled
ways are unacceptable
for the foundation
of the heartland
of American, for
every good
knows that
morality is the
and life giver of
goodness, which
is wisdom
sent from God

Trust Grasshopper, for
Grasshopper would not
speak such if it were
not true. But those
reading this are now
aware, informed, and
should pass this blog of
wisdom on to his
countrymen. In
doing so, you will help
good fortune along by
helping persuade your
countrymen ( and
women ) to vote
correctly in the
November 2012
( 2014 ) election.

Commentary by
Grasshopper - Starting
on 5/10/1 for the 2012
campaign, Obama
pushing for 20 million
illegal aliens amnesty ...
Don't Vote 4 Obama
nor Democrats for
U.S Congress
( House and Senate )
2012 ...

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