Saturday, January 31, 2015

Obama/ Democrat incumbents and candidates speak big lies like Communist propaganda ...

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- Stop the Obama/California Democrat 
Governor Jerry Brown/ National Democrat 
Party Culture of Corruption ! -

Never believe them, because their only goal
is to take more and more money from you
when they get elected by their campaign and
tool of  deceit they even use after they get
elected for the purpose of staying in office to
take even more money from you.

To stay even longer in office, they use the
money they take from you to give it away to others
for votes from those they give your money to.

And the cycle goes on and on. Then they create
horrible debt by spending on a credit card, and
then they raise your taxes to make you pay for
that horrible debt.

That takes even more money from your
paycheck and bank account to where you cannot
afford the things you need and want for a quality
life. It takes from your ability to save for your
retirement also.

Democrats are destroying the quality of life for
all Americans by making you pay for everything for
illegal aliens who the Democrats want to make into
voters so they can get elected and take more money
from you. The Democrats do all of this also to get
votes from citizen Hispanic who want their illegal
alien relatives here so for the government money;
this so the citizen can get that money benefit from
the illegal alien. Billions and billions of dollars taken
from you and given to them.

This is why the elected Democrats and candidates
don't want to deport illegal aliens: For their own corrupt
place in office so they can get a HIGH salary, perks and
prestige of position at your expense.

The Democrats and their left wing communist type
propaganda machines such as the Los Angeles Times
like to call illegal aliens 'undocumented workers' as a ploy
do make illegal alienism 'acceptable', when in fact it is
against the law. It is illegal to work  in the U.S.unless one
is a U.S. citizen, a legal resident, or in the U.S. with a work
permit visa. You can stop their Democrat culture of

They continue speaking falsehood propaganda to the public
by calling Republicans racist, and telling the big lie that
Republicans only care about the rich. They do this in public
because they don't like the fact that Conservatives/Republicans/
the Tea Party are trying to protect Americans by opposing this
Communist type Democrat culture of corruption. Democrats
and their left wing deceiver Democrat bias media say these
propaganda falsehoods so they can try to continue to keep
their power of elected office through this corruption.

You can stop the Democrat Party Culture of Corruption
by not voting for Democrats on every level in every state.
It must be stopped. tell your friend and family. Share this
post on Facebook, iphone, and e-mail. Print it as fliers
and hand it out at Colleges, churches, and grocery stores.




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