Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Grasshopper says ... You see ! Americans began to wake up and threw out the deceiver Democrat majority from the U.S. Senate on election day Nov. 4, 2014 ...

Grasshopper says ... You see ! Please share 
this. Americans began to wake up and threw 
out the deceiver Democrat majority from the 
U.S. Senate on election day Nov. 4, 2014 ...

You need to vote even MORE of them out 
in 2016 ! 

California Democrat Governor Jerry Brown 
is the leader of the California Democrat 
legislature deceivers ( California Assembly/
Senate Democrats). He would steal your 
rickshaw and drive it home himself and 
park it in his driveway if he could drive a 
rickshaw! ( figuratively speaking, through 
higher and higher taxes and fees to pay for 
his high speed rail that nobody wants, and 
also for his illegal aliens !)

Young people and all, this is a BIG lesson for 
you. Elected Democrats are destroying your 
paycheck by approving and helping illegal aliens 
invade America and take too much taxes from 
your paycheck. This is why you cannot buy what 
you need and why you cannot save any money in 
the bank ! This is why you cannot save for a new 
car and retirement. This is why college tuition 
is going up. It's going to millions of illegal 
aliens in the form of horrendous amounts of 
freebies given to them by elected corrupt 
Democrats that they make you pay for in the 
form of HIGHER and HIGHER FEES and 
TAXES imposed on you by them.

Here is how the Evil California Democrat 
legislature candidates and incumbents (currently
in office) and U.S. Congress Democrat candidates and incumbents operate with propaganda lies and 
your money:

1) They lie about Republicans to get elected.

2) Once they get elected, they raise higher 
payroll taxes on you in many different forms 
and ways, also the form of higher fees on 
anything they can think of imposing on you, 
including higher and higher car registration 
fees and higher college tuition increases.

3) For votes the Democrats then away your 
money to illegal aliens who's U.S. citizen 
relatives they live with. Those citizens therefore 
benefit from the illegal alien relative staying here 
in the U.S.. Those U.S. citizen relatives of illegals 
then vote Democrat for that reason.

Illegal aliens are well known to come across 
the border to have their baby so that their 
baby automatically becomes a 'Jackpot Baby'.
One Hispanic librarian in Los Angeles County 
told me she knew an illegal alien who was going 
to have a baby so she can get money from the 
government. The baby becomes a U.S. citizen 
from the perverted twisted liberal law that says
any foreign woman's baby born in the U.S. 
automatically becomes a U.S. citizen. BUT 
the liberal/ Democrat judge who ruled this was 
deceiving everyone. How? Because the judge 
said the 14 th amendment allows it, but it does
not. The 14 th amendment was created to 
guarantee freed slaves their rights after the 
civil war, not to give foreigners babies born 
in the U.S. automatic citizenship if the Non- 
citizen foreigner mother has the baby in the 
U.S.. This is crazy ! No sane, wise, and right 
nation would do this. It is suicide; like riding in 
a runaway rickshaw pulled by 20 Clydesdale
horses on LSD !

Do not believe Obama's liars of the Democrat
aparatick and their advocates of the propaganda 
mainstream Democrat bias media. The media 
hold back the truth about these monsters to 
try to help them get elected.

4) So the cycle goes on  and on until you 
become aware and vote the corrupt Evil 
Godless Democrat out of office, and replace 
them with honorable men of virtue - Republicans - 
Conservatives who will not do the above perpetual, 
corrupt, and deviant antics, but will stop it and 
protect your paycheck, safety, and future.

Democrat candidates and incumbents in the 
California State legislature create many other 
corrupt, stupid, immoral, wrong headed, self 
serving, crazy legislation which hurt our quality 
of life, including jeopardizing our safety. They 
truly are stupid, wicked, and unworthy of you. 
They lie like communists to get what they 
want : To get elected so they can take advantage 
and steal from your paycheck. They are lost in 
darkness and sin, and are not real Christians if 
they say they are.

They engage in their culture of corruption, tell 
big lies in the news, drink wine, and eat at expensive 
restaurants with your taxpayer paid big salary. 
In 2014, one was even was caught gun running ! 
Another, Mr. Ron Calderon, was recently arraigned 
on corruption charges. 


                                                                   Jan. 28, 2015

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