Friday, April 29, 2011

Grasshoppers says ...

How to have
more money
to prosper ...

If a country votes
for individuals
who drown
his own country
with too many
people from other
nations who take
too much money
from the nation's
treasury , each
citizen will find he
does not have
enough money to
prosper well and
fulfill his

It is good to bring
people in from
other countries ,
but it is foolhardy
and wrong to bring in
too many . It is
corrupt and wrong
to allow millions
upon millions of
illegal entries
to take money
from the people's
treasury which
should go to

Otherwise , the
good, decent ,
hard working
citizen will find
his needs and
those of his
fellow citizen's
being left
behind for the
corrupt politician .

This is also a
problem for the
needs of citizens
who are
disabled and
senior citizens .

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grasshopper says ...

One should
vote for those
who know how
to prosper one's
country morally
and economically ....

Listen to these words and
you will gain happiness.

One should not Vote
for Mitt Romney
in the 2012 S. Carolina
Primary on Saturday
January 21, 2012.
He pretends to be
a Republican , but is
really a Democrat
liberal in his heart
and mind.

Mr. Romney is very
similar to Mr. Obama ,
so this makes him very
unworthy. It is important
to give this message to
citizens of S. Carolina.

One should
vote for those
who know how
to prosper one's
country , not
for those who
don't know how
to prosper one's
country , who
only take
money from
the people ,
giving it
to friends in
for campaign
contributions .

Such a one will
only use the
contributions to
do untrue ads
to get elected
or re - elected ,
and then
to ruin the
even more.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grasshopper says ... One can vote for Monetary misfortune for himself, his Friends ...

He who accepts ,
promotes , and
votes for Obama
and other
Democrats only
guarantee and
hasten the monetary
of himself, his
and his countrymen.

You can stop this economic
Share -


Monday, April 25, 2011

Grasshopper says ...

A sign of a
wisdom is one
who is not
fooled by
dishonest ,
driven adults
who behave
worse than
children -
these child
adults are
' Obama
and candidates '.

Grasshopper says ...

The College student
who scapegoats
Republicans only
perpetual their own
complaint by wrongly
believing Republicans
are the problem ,
not not realizing
Democrats are
causing tuition
increases .

Friday, April 22, 2011

Grasshopper says ...

It is a wise thing to spend one's pennies
at the store now and then and not put
them all in a big jar in a corner.

This way , one can more appreciate what
he has been blessed with of the Lord ,
thus , he will be less inclined to vote
Democrat so that they cannot wrongly
over - tax and spend with his money .

P.S. From Grasshopper - A good way
to spend excess pennies : At the gas
station .

Grasshopper says ...

One can always count on Democrats doing
several things all the time : Doing the wrong thing ,
taxing too much , and creating poverty .

Grasshopper says ...

Quiet is the strengthening of the soul .
And praying also .

Grasshopper says ...

Brevity is the soul of wit , and Grasshopper
did not author that saying .

Grasshopper says ...

Politics is not the most important thing in life .
Being a Christian is . Christian first , then
good political views will naturally fall into place .

Grasshopper says ...

If one listens to the liberal bias - mainstream
network news and believes all that he hears ,
one will not see all that is true and right .

It is up to the elightened to love this one and
help him see the way .

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grasshopper says ...

A man should always open a door
for a woman . Therefore , he will
have no doubt whether the modern
woman wanted him to do so or not .

Grasshopper says ...

Never believe Obama .

Grasshopper says ...

If one loves what is right and 
knows what is good for himself, 
he would not vote Democrat.

- Grasshopper

Grasshopper says ...

If one chooses to vote Democrat , he will
likely make himself and his country poor
in the long run .

Grasshopper says ...

If one can draw a cartoon , he can likely
make fun sport out of Democrats to
millions of people .

Grasshopper says ...

A problem is often like a knot. It can be solved by
untying it a little bit at a time .